We would like to invite everyone who was ever a member of the class to the 50th ’70 at 70 Reunion, including those who did not graduate with us. Please take a moment and scan the list of names below. If you recognize yourself, or someone you know, please click the “Contact Us” link in the left column and send any contact info you can/wish to share.

Missing Members – ’70 Grads:

Pam Faudel
Jeff Feck
Barb Freeman
Kathy Goldenetz
Paul Greenthal)
Patty Grenko
Brian Healy
Angela Hoelting
Barb Hunn
Glen Kasl
Terri McIntyre
John Ochs
Mary Sanker
Terri Sneed
Paula Sullivan
Gene Thale
Berny Thill
Kathy Timmerman
Maureen Warner
Joann Westrum

Missing classmates who graduated elsewhere:

Kenny Babb
Mike Bishop
Kevin Byrne
Sue Calvelage
Leslie Carrol
Donna Carson
Sarah Cassidy
Connie Christen
John Coffman
Suzi Conner
Cathy Derksen
Judy Fedel
Jim Galgano
Ed Gower
Bob Gray
Dave Halchiskick
Barry Hammonds
Mary Ann Johnson
Karen Kelly
Mark Klapprott
Alan Kroger
Frank LaSalvia
Michele Lomiglio
Laurene Lukas
Mary Mangotich
Debbie Mann
Will Manzer
Mary Martinek
Gail McFarland
Irene McHale
Patricia Montgomery
Bob Nawrocki
Karen Nebrich
Yvonne Nelson
Deborah Palazzolo
Aina Parfnovic
Mary Jean Patchett
Joan Penaskovic
Alice Quinn
Debralee Rindy
Kathy Roberts
Therese Ronald
Mike Ross
Cindy Schneider
Julie Stack
Cathy Staltari
Marla Tesoriero
Joy Van der Hayden