21 July, 2024

Another classmate has passed away.

Sheila Kuenn posted on the Gerard High School ’70’ Class Reunion page:

My good friend Pat Brandenberger has asked me to pass on the news that Karl Brandenberger has died. Karl felt a close connection to the Gerard crew. Currently a memorial is planned for 10:00 AM Saturday, 7/27, at Whitney Murphy on Indian School & 48th.

Requiescat In Pace Karl

21 June, 2024

Another too frequent reminder of our own mortality.

Chet Myers and Bette Taylor report the passing of Millie Hudson.

From Millie’s daughter via Chet:

“She’s gone. At 11:45p on June 24th. With her blinds open and our first monsoon storm. She followed it on outta here ❤️ ”

Requiescat In Pace Millie

14 June, 2024

Our numbers continue to dwindle.

Mike Murphy died December 21, 2023.

Requiescat In Pace Mike.


2024 April 1 Gathering

A (very) small turnout, but it was good to see those who were there.

1 April 2024


21 March, 2024

Sad to report we’ve lost classmate Janice Koger.

Requiescat In Pace Janice.


‘70 @ 70 Reunion

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Next Reunion

Just for fun … a (rather poorly) colorized edition of the ’70 yearbook

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